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Falmouth University

Portfolio - Fashion Photography BA (Hons) W641


Icons in Fashion was the inspiration for my final major project. I was paying homage to photographers from the 70’s, 90’s and 2000’s. I chose fashion because I have a genuine passion for clothes and the culture surrounding it. To me fashion is more than just some pieces of fabric, fashion is unique, creative and expressive. I’m a big believer in fashion being personal and confidence boosting. In this project i have used a wide range of primary and secondary research to influence my work. My aim throughout was to create images that could be seen as 'Iconic', using insipiration from artists whose work is the embodiment of Iconic. I aimed to push boundaries and explore unconventional concepts, including creating work that ventures into the realm of the outrageous. Alongside celebrating iconic figures and themes, I tried to challenge norms and provoke thought through bold and daring pictures. 


I've committed to improving my lighting and photography throughout my year off. Setting up photoshoots as a biweekly goal has been a crucial part of this journey because it has allowed me to regularly practice and develop my profession. My inspiration comes from new and up-and-coming artists as well as websites like Pinterest. I've experimented with a variety of looks and approaches. I genuinely think that the key to success in any creative activity is to consistently put in effort and learn from mistakes. My artistic perspective and enthusiasm for photography have been enhanced by this time of experimentation and discovery. I've also been spending my time tailoring and editing my website ensuring its constantly up to date and fully functioning.

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